Rebooking & Cancellation Policy

Wine Tours Of Niagara

Please read below before cancelling your tour.
No penalty if your tour is cancelled 72 hrs before tour date.

Cancelled my tour in time and wish to rebook:

  • If you made a tour booking then proceeded to cancel it within our cancellation policy, you can still use your Redeemed Vouchers.
  • Wine Tours Of Niagara will allow you to rebook any available tour date thru its expiration date.
  • Wine Tours Of Niagara will collect outstanding HST owing on your voucher will also be billed day of tour. This is mandatory of all vouchers purchased online. HST is 13% of what you paid for your voucher(s)

*PLEASE NOTE: If you did not cancel your tour within our cancellation policy, there is a rebooking fee of $15.00 per person (+HST)

Please take the following steps to rebook another tour date:

  1. Locate your cancelled Reservation Number
  2. Let us know Full Name cancelled booking was under
  3. Let us know the date your cancelled booking was for
  4. Let us know the NEW tour date you had in mind
  5. When rebooking have your credit card info available or an e-transfer to secure your seats

*Expired vouchers can benefit from our Voucher Transfer Program:

Your voucher has expired, do not worry. You can still redeem them for one our public tours
Our Voucher Transfer Program extends the life of your voucher for one full year at the cost of $25.00 per person (+HST)

*NOTE: Expired voucher option is ONLY AVAILABLE until December 31, 2020.

After this point you may only use the promotional value of your voucher towards our regular tour rates.

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